BER Aircraft Noise Protection Area 2021

Statistical Base

Ordinance of the Brandenburg State government on the establishment of the noise protection area for the commercial airport Berlin Brandenburg (FlugLärmSBBgV) of August 7, 2013, GVBl. II [Law and Ordinance Gazette II] No. 61 p. 1.

The noise protection area is divided into two daytime protection zones and one night-time protection zone in accordance with the Act for Protection against Aircraft Noise (Gesetz zum Schutz gegen Fluglärm). Protection areas are those outside the airport premises in which the equivalent continuous noise level LAeq caused by aircraft noise and, in the case of the night-time protection zone, also the maximum level LAmax caused by aircraft noise, exceed the values specified below. For this, the frequency is derived from the mean value over the busiest six months of the forecast year [Art. 2 (2) FluLärmG].

For BER Airport, the numbers are as follows:

  • daytime protection zone 1 LAeq day = 65 dB(A),
  • daytime protection zone 2 LAeq day = 60 dB(A),
  • night-time protection zone LAeq night = 55 dB(A) and LAmax = 6 times 57 dB(A) indoors.

General construction bans in the noise protection area as well as those in the daytime protection zone 1 and in the night-time protection zone are defined in Art. 5. Land use restrictions in construction are defined in Art. 6, FluLärmG.

These equivalent continuous sound pressure levels as mentioned are not comparable with those of the Strategic Noise Maps pursuant to the EU Environmental Noise Directive.

Additionally, the residential restriction planning area is represented as a zoning goal in the Joint State Development Plan for Airport Site Development (Landesentwicklungsplan Flughafenstandortentwicklung, LEP FS). It stipulates that new or residential areas or facilities in particular need of noise protection within the meaning of the Act for Protection against Aircraft Noise [Art. 5 (1)] may in principle not be presented or defined in land-use and development plans.

The outline of this area has been included in the land-use plan for information purposes under the title “Use restrictions for the purpose of environmental protection” (Nutzungsbeschränkungen zum Schutz der Umwelt, cf. implementation regulations AV FNP 2021, 12.4, only in German).