Geological Outline 2007

Figures / Tables


Fig. 1: Geological-morphological structure of Brandenburg and Berlin

GIF-Document (79.5 kB) Image: Sonntag 1995

Fig. 2: The Glacial Series – a schematic image compiled into a block representation

GIF-Document (47.2 kB) Image: from various authors, by Sonntag (2005)

Fig. 3: Simplified geological profile through the tertiary and quaternary strata, extending from Wilmersdorf through Schöneberg to Neukölln

JPG-Document (116.6 kB)

Fig. 4: Morphological outline of Berlin

GIF-Document (126.6 kB)

Fig. 5 Natural spatial/geomorphological divisions of Berlin

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Tab 1: Schematic structure of the Quaternary

GIF-Document (16.4 kB) Document: by Stackebrandt & Manhenke (2010)

Tab. 2: Units shown on the geological outline map

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