Criteria for the Evaluation of the Soil Functions 2015

Figures / Tables

01.11.1 Regional Rarity of Soil Associations

Tab. 1: Evaluation of the regional rarity of soil associations

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01.11.2 Special Natural Character

Tab. 1: Soil associations with a special natural character

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01.11.3 Near-Natural Quality

Tab. 1: Evaluation of the near-natural quality based on hemerobics

GIF-Document (41.1 kB) Document: according to Blume and Sukopp (1976); Blume (1990); Grenzius(1985); Stasch, Stahr, Sydow (1991)

Tab. 2: Evaluation of the near-natural quality, based on levels

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01.11.4 Exchange Frequency of Soil Water

Tab. 1: Exchange frequency levels of soil water

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01.11.6 Nutrient Storage Capacity/ Pollutant Binding Capacity

Tab. 1: Evaluation of the nutrient storage capacity / pollutant binding capacity, based on the levels of mean effective cation exchange capacity (KAKeff)

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01.11.7 Nutrient Supply

Tab. 1: Nutrient supply levels based on the sum of exchangeable cations

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01.11.8 Water Supply

Tab. 1: Usable field capacity levels and evaluation of the water supply

GIF-Document (7.5 kB) Document: Gerstenberg 2017

01.11.9 Filtration Capacity

Tab. 1: Filtration capacity levels, based on water permeability levels

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01.11.10 Binding Strength for Heavy Metals

Tab. 1: Evaluation of the relative binding strength for heavy metals depending on the pH value, humus and clay content, the proportion of coarse soil and horizon thickness

GIF-Document (5.6 kB) Document: according to Blume and Brümmer 1987, 1991

01.11.11 Buffering Capacity in the Organic Carbon Balance

Tab. 1: Evaluation of the buffering capacity in the organic carbon balance based on the organic carbon stock levels

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