Environmental Justice Berlin 2021/2022



Environmental Justice Berlin as Word document

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Basic report, Environmental justice foundations for socio-spatial environmental policy

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09.01.1 Noise Burden

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09.01.2 Air Pollution

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09.01.3 Green and Open Space Supply

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09.01.4 Thermal Burden

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09.01.5 Social Disadvantage

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09.01.6 Integrated Multiple Burden – Environment

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09.01.7 Integrated Multiple Burden – Environment and Social Disadvantage

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09.01.9 Integrated Multiple Burden Map - Berlin Environmental Justice Map

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Fig. 1: The three-level classification of the Living Environment Areas (LEA) in Berlin

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Fig. 2: Merging the core indicators to form the two multiple burden maps and the Berlin Environmental Justice Map

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Fig. 3: Assessment categories (in quartiles) for the core indicator noise burden

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Fig. 4: Assessment categories (in quartiles) for NO2 for the core indicator air pollution

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Fig. 5: “Thermal burden”, day and night, assessment process according to the Berlin environmental justice approach

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Fig. 6: Social problem density by number of environmental burdens per planning area (PLA) (as of: 2021/ 2022 Monitoring Environmental Justice)

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Fig. 7: Stacked means of the categories of the core indicators, the population density and the number of multiple burdens per borough (as of: 2021/ 2022 Monitoring Environmental Justice)

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Data basis for Figures 6 and 7

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Tab. 1: Key noise effects

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Tab. 2. Number of highly burdened planning areas according to the core indicators and status index in Berlin

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