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Facilities and Attendant Facilities Subject to Licensing Under §4 Federal Immissions Protection Law/BImSchG



From waste incineration plants, steel works, oil refineries to chemical plants – many industrial plants can be harmful to the environment, as they are a source of noise and air pollution. Section 4 of the Federal Immissions Control Law (BImSchG) therefore stipulates that the construction and operation of such facilities must be authorised – the public also has a vote, if the facility is very large. For some facilities that are subject to licensing, an additional emission statement is required from the facility operator every four years.

The Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection (SenUVK) is responsible for licensing all industrial sites in the State of Berlin that can be found on the map. A large majority of these are waste recovery and disposal facilities. The categories heat/power generation, storage, food and metal are represented by a few dozen facilities throughout the State of Berlin each.

There are 78 power plants with a thermal output of more than 20 megawatts in Berlin, which are not included on the map. The State Office for Occupational Safety, Health and Technical Safety (LAGetSi) is the responsible licensing authority under immission control law for these.

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