Electromagnetic Fields 1996

Figures / Tables


Fig. 1: Electromagnetic Spectrum: Applications and Manifestations of Electromagnetic Energy in Relation to Frequency f (or Wavelength Lambda)

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Fig. 2: Electric Field Lines around a Double-wire Cable

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Fig. 3: Circular Magnetic Field B around a Conductor Carrying Current I

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Fig. 4: Natural Electric (Direct) and Magnetic (Constant) Fields

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Fig. 5: Schematic Distribution of Eddy Currents Induced by Magnetic Fields of Longitudinal and Transversal Orientation Towards the Body

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Fig. 6: Legal Scope of Different Limit and Recommended Values

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Fig. 7: Measured and Calculated Longitudinal Profile of Magnetic Flux Density 1 m above Ground beneath an 380 kV Overhead Line. The Pylons are Situated at Positions 0 m and 440 m.

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Fig. 8: Magnetic Flux Density at 11.2 m Distance from the Railtrack in Schlüterstrasse, Berlin-Charlottenburg

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Fig. 9: Peak Magnetic Flux Densities by the Railroad Track - Determined by Simulation

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Fig. 10: Constant Magnetic Field beneath the S-Bahn Bridge over Knesebeckstrasse by Savignyplatz during Night-time Measurement which Shows Rail Traffic Waning

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Fig. 11: Measured and Calculated Development of the Magnetic Field under the Bridge over Knesebeckstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg

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Tab. 1: Biological Effects of Different Current Densities at 50 Hz

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Tab. 2: Limit Values Established for Fixed Low-frequency Installations by the 26th BImSchV

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Tab. 3: Limit and Recommended Values for Electric and Magnetic Fields

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Tab. 4: Calculated Peak Electric and Magnetic Field Strengths with Sag Variations of ± 1 m (Pylon Field 447-448; Minimum Sag 10.70 m) in the 380 kV/m Overhead Line

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Tab. 5: Summary of Key Measurements and Calculations

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