Electromagnetic Fields


The use of electrical energy generates electrical and magnetic fields. Depending on their field strength and frequency, these may trigger stimulation currents in the human body, which in turn may harm the organism.

Especially at low frequencies, technically induced electric and magnetic fields can be much stronger than naturally occurring fields. They occur e.g. during the generation and distribution of electricity at power plants, electricity transformer stations and high-voltage lines. In addition, many industrial plants, private installations and public transport systems incl. underground (U-Bahn), rapid transit rail (S-Bahn) and railroad generate electric and magnetic fields that are worth noting.

Binding regulations and limits apply throughout Germany to protect the population from health hazards. Electric and magnetic fields generated by power lines, electricity transformer stations and other facilities, for example, must not exceed these values.

Read up on Berlin’s high and extra-high voltage network and browse examples of magnetic flux densities and electric field strengths usually measured at high-voltage lines, traction power lines and substations.