Green Volume 2020



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05.09 Green Volume

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Fig. 1: Vegetation areas incl. height indicator (left) and 3D cylinder graph of vegetation (right)

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Fig. 2: Method for calculating the green volume of block (segment) areas (top left: orthophoto with block boundaries; top right: vegetation areas with block boundaries; bottom: trimmed vegetation areas and legend)

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Fig. 3: Method to calculate the green volume of non-built-up block (segment) areas (top left: block area; top right: buildings above ground; centre left: non-built-up block area (grey share); centre right: vegetation cover; bottom: vegetation of the non-built-up block area)

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Fig. 4: “Closed block development, rear courtyard (1870s-1918), 5-storeys” incl. old tree stocks (left: example from Gipsstraße to Sophienstraße; right: example east and west of Swinemünder Straße, Background: digital and coloured orthophotos from 2020 (TrueDOP20RGB)

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Fig. 5: Green volume number by residential area type

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Fig. 6: Green volume number by use incl. roads

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Fig. 7: Green volume and green volume number of Berlin’s 12 boroughs in 2010 and 2020

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Tab. 1: Dataset from 2010: comparison of the old and new data surveys

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Tab. 2: Green volume by use group incl. road areas, comparison of the 2020 and 2010 data surveys

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Tab. 3: Green volume number by area type

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Data to Figures and Tables

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