Valuable Areas for Flora and Fauna 1993

Statistical Base

The present map is a continuation of the Map “Valuable Habitats for Flora and Fauna” of the 1986 Berlin Umweltatlas (Environmental Atlas). Expert studies, diploma theses and doctoral dissertations as well as scientific journals were evaluated to check and update the map compiled for West Berlin. In addition, remarks and corrections by staff members of the borough Conservation and Green Spaces Agencies and the Berlin Department of Urban Development and Environmental Protection (SenStadtUm) were incorporated. Areas for which no new information was available were examined using aerial photography (cf. SenBauWohn 1990). If no change could be ascertained in the dimensions of these areas by comparison with the 1986 estimate, that appraisal was adopted.

The basis for the designation and appraisal of the habitats in East Berlin is the study “Appraisal of Biotopes and Biotope Types in the East Berlin Boroughs and West-Staaken” (PLANTAGE 1992). At the time of this investigation, only very few expert studies as well as some articles in scientific journals were available on florally and/or faunally interesting areas in East Berlin. Therefore, the designation of valuable biotopes resulted essentially on the basis of information from volunteer conservationist experts and staff member of the borough Conservation and Green Spaces Agencies, as well as on the evaluation of the above-mentioned 1990 aerial photography.

For the present map, these statements were examined with the help of staff members of the Berlin Department of Urban Development and Environmental Protection and the borough Conservation and Green Spaces Agencies; they were also reexamined in the light of expert studies prepared since, and modified if necessary.

Despite this update, the evaluation for East Berlin is based on a much smaller quantity base of data, which is in some cases also less accurate, than is the case for the evaluation of West Berlin.

The delimitation of the valuable areas and their assignment to biotope types in the surrounding areas was adopted from the Map 5.01 – “Valuable Biotopes” of the project “Ecological Resource Planning for Berlin and Surrounding Areas – Planning Base” (Valid as of 1991). In this map, the results of selective biological mapping, which have been conducted since 1990 by the Brandenburg State Environmental Agency, are shown. The present map was updated in 1993, based on the latest biotope mapping.

Despite this multitude of information, knowledge of occurrences and values of individual biotopes or organism groups remains incomplete, due to the size of the area under investigation and the frequent use changes.