Traffic-related Emissions and Immissions 2002

Figures / Tables


Fig. 1: Diagram showing the concentration of fine particulate (PM10) pollution in Berlin and the surrounding area

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Fig. 2: Collection systems of the Traffic Emission Registry 2002

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Fig. 3: Emission model for the calculation of quantities of emitted pollutants on main traffic streets

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Fig. 4: EM-NEBEN - Emission model for the side street networks (Surface Sources)

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Fig. 5: Location of the active and passive collection devices for the collection of weekly samples of benzene, PM10 and nitrogen dioxide, as well as the automatic container measuring locations

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Fig. 6: Pollution distribution in a street ravine with measuring range according to the 23. BImSchV and points considered for calculation with the IMMISem/air street ravine model

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Fig. 7: Long term trend of nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen monoxide data in Berlin

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Fig. 8: Long term trend of PM10 and soot concentrations in Berlin

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Fig. 9: PM10 pollution (annual average) calculated with IMMISnet and measured at BLUME measuring locations in the urban background of Berlin for the base year 2002

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Tab. 1: Emissions in Berlin According to Emitting Groups 1989 to 2010 (Trend)

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Tab. 2: European Union wide emission limits and deadlines for PM10 and nitrogen dioxide stipulated in the 22nd BlmSchV

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Tab. 3: Traffic volume (million vehicle km per year), fuel consumption (tonnes) and exhaust and friction emissions (tonnes per year) arranged by motor vehicle type in the city of Berlin - reference year 2002

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Tab. 4: Section lengths of the air pollution index and affected residents in the main arterial street network of Berlin 2002

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Tab. 5: Calculation for 2002 and trend calculations for 2005 and 2010 from limit excesses on affected section lengths and residents in arterial street networks.

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