Traffic-related Air Pollution - Benzol, Nitrogen Oxide and Diesel Particulates 1993


The emission per sq. km data for nitrogen dioxide in the entire road network is depicted both as a color grid, and in absolute numbers. Color depictions are based on rounded-off figures.

The Berlin primary road network has almost 3,000 numbered sections. Pollutant loads were depicted as lines for each separate segment. Grids and lines were assigned the same color scheme.

Pollutions based on concentration values of the 23rd Regulation are also depicted as lines, separate for each segment of the 3,000 numbered sections of the Berlin primary road network. Ratings used the “traffic light” colors “green, yellow and red” using the value categories in Table 5.

The assessment of the 14 point-graphic comparisons of diesel particulates and benzol for the current and projected situations were based on concentration values of the 23rd Regulation effective since 1 July 1998. Bar charts are used to depict benzol and particulates in the current and projected situations.