Traffic-related Air Pollution - Hydrocarbons 1993

Figures / Tables


Fig. 1: Hydrocarbon Emissions of Berlin Motor Vehicle Traffic in Tons per Year

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Fig. 2: Methodology of the 1993 Traffic Emission Cadastre

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Fig. 3: EMISS - Emission Model for Primary Roads (Line Sources)

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Fig. 4: EM-NEBEN - Emission Model for Secondary Road Network (Area Sources)

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Fig. 5: Percentual Distribution of Emissions and Distance Travelled in Berlin

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Tab. 1: Total Travelled Distances in Millions of Vehicle km/a; Fuel Consumption in Tons, t; and Exhaust and Abrasion Emissions in Tons per Year, t/a. These Figures are Presented according to Vehicle Types in the Urban Area of Berlin in 1993. Excluded are Motorized Two-wheel Vehicles and Evaporative Emissions

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Tab. 2: Limit and Concentration Values of the 23rd Regulation and Section 40a-e of the Federal Pollution Control Law (Ozone Regulation)

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Tab. 3: Deadlines Given by the 21st Regulation (BlmSchV) for Installation of Fuel Vapor Recovery Systems

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Tab. 4: Amount of Fuel Turnover and Annual Refueling Hydrocarbon Emissions at Berlin Fuel Stations in 1993

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