Sulfur Dioxide - Emissions and Pollution 1995


The data from the calculated 1 × 1 km-emissions of sulfur dioxide are presented both as color grid as well as absolute value. The division into altogether eleven emission classes can now provide in equal gradations, in accordance with the 1994 edition of the Environmental Atlas. Since the sulfur dioxide emissions have greatly decreased as consequence of the environmental protection measures (until 1989 only in reference to West Berlin). Thus the necessity of a particular emission value for this category of pollutant has been obviated.

At the wide area depiction of the measured pollution 1995 for sulfur dioxide, the limits IW1 and IW2 of the TA-Luft 1986 were selected as class values for the delimitation of the highest class. They were compared to the reference values I1 (yearly average) and I2 (98 % value).

The interpolations of the isolines were performed manually. In addition the respective values from the BLUME-measurement stations are presented, distinguished according to type of station.