Nitrogen Oxides - Emissions and Pollution 1995


The data on the 1 × 1 km emissions of nitrogen oxide are depicted both as a color grid and as an absolute value. The color depiction uses rounded-off numbers.

The polluter-related calculated pollution is depicted to match the presentation of the sum of nitrogen oxide emissions for 1994 resp. 1993. These have been determined with the help of the above described dispersion calculations and using a normal distribution approach as described in the TA-Luft.

Since the pollution measurements are taken continuously, those for the current year 1995 could be selected. The nitrogen oxides are presented the measured pollution as yearly average of the sum in the comparison with the results of the dispersion calculations and as nitrogen dioxide to the comparison with the limits. For NO2 the limits IW1 and IW2 of TA-Luft 1986 were set as class values for the delimitation the highest class. They were compared to the reference values I1 (yearly average) and I2 (98 % value).

The interpolation of the isolines resulted per hand. The fact that stations were influenced differently from those near main traffic arteries was taken into account. In addition, the respective values are presented BLUME – measurement stations, distinguished according to type of the stations.