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Along the Walk – The Conference on Deceleration in Performing Arts

On the Ground is a fusion of a concert and a performance, which in a personal and humorous way processes the themes of speed-oriented life, precarity, feminism, work, motherhood, lack of deceleration and living in the time of late capitalism. It is a sparkling music-theatre event that records the present and states the obvious. An performance that makes room for collective questioning rather than imposing solutions.

The performers play with the various themes offered by the phrase « on the ground ». Through the metaphor of laying on the ground, they touch upon the themes of exhaustion and despair. The hopelessness in the time of brutal and escalating capitalism, climate change, corporate super-power and cuts in social benefits. On the other hand, the artists understand the ground as a firm support on which we can stand strongly and which gives us the possibility of pushing off and, consequently, of resisting. Last but not least, the ground is also the possibility of new life, the soil from which new ideas and spaces are sprouting.

Concept and performing: Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Alenka Marinič

Costume and set design: Katarina Zalar

Artistic support for movement: DISCOllective

Artistic support for voice: Irena Tomažin

Technical directing and light design: Špela Škulj

Executive producer: Urška Jež

Production: City of Women

Co-production: CUK Kino Šiška, DU Narobov

Support: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, The Municipality of Ljubljana


Along the Walk - an artistic project on deceleration - a joyful tactic

Hier gibt es Infos zur Konferenz: alongthewalk.eu/conference

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