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The Core of Love: LOVE IS ENOUGH. PART#1

  • Love is Enough 1

    Love is Enough 1

  • Love is Enough 2

    Love is Enough 2

  • Love is Enough 3

    Love is Enough 3

LOVE IS ENOUGH PART 1, is the first part of a polyphonic performance anthology, where a number of artists through their artistic process have examined the postulate LOVE IS ENOUGH. The anthology is initiated by Andriana Seecker.


In her ongoing and always changing Solo - Performance Andriana Seecker explores how Emotions like Pain, Lust, Grief, Hope, Acceptance and Longing are perceived in the body and how they influence our Corporality and Soul. She transforms these Experiences and Emotions into an Embodied Canvas on stage. Within her Body-Landscape Aspects of Love are experienced in the wildest colours. She wishes to share and work herself through why she always insists on Love being Enough. Always.

Choreography/Dance/Idea/Concept: Andriana Seecker (DE)

Co-Director/Concept/Dramaturgy: Herman Nyby (FI)

Set-Design/Costume: Andriana Seecker, Herman Nyby

Artistic Assistent: Irmelin Rode (DK)

Lightdesigner: Lya Lundsager (DK)

Text: Andriana Seecker

Poem: Ingenting - Edith Södergran

Music: Boy Harsher, Tuxedomoon, Coil, Rachmaninoff,

The Allegorist, Melanie De Biasio


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