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Thundermother - Goddess of the Road Tour 2025


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Thundermother - Godess of the Road 2025

THUNDERMOTHER don’t just play Rock’n’Roll.
THUNDERMOTHER are Rock’n’Roll!

Skåne-born guitarist Filippa Nässil laid the foundation for THUNDERMOTHER in the autumn of 2009. While originally based in Växjö where she was pursuing her studies, she later relocated to Stockholm in her quest to assemble a band. Fast forward to 2024, and THUNDERMOTHER is on the cusp of celebrating its 15th anniversary, boasting an impressive track record of numerous successful tours worldwide. THUNDERMOTHER achieved remarkable success across Europe and held the distinction of being one of the world’s most active touring bands between 2017 and 2021.

Their last three albums, “Heat Wave”, “Heatwave Deluxe Edition” and “Black & Gold” all released on AFM Records, gained European top chart positions (album charts Germany #6, Sweden #8, Switzerland #15, ...) as well as securing the top spot on the Swedish Hard Rock charts. Such successes could not go unnoticed - the team around the world-famous SCORPIONS grabbed the phone and asked the Swedish powerhouse if they would like to join the SCORPIONS on their 3 month North American stadium tour. Wow, what an opportunity! After this successful and smooth collaboration, there was only one option for the SCORPIONS - add THUNDERMOTHER on their European run as well. 39 shows with more than 600.000 spectators all over Europe and North America! Not to mention all the other highly-acclaimed gigs like the invitation from KISS to perform on their official "KISS cruise", three appearances at Wacken open air plus numerous other festivals and fairs. THUNDERMOTHER are aiming to become the next headliner generation - with 2,000 shows under their belts, the prestigious Gaffa Award for being Sweden’s best Hard Rock act in 2020 on their shelves, the European double silver Impala Award on their walls and as the only band performance out of 40 a 5/5 review from “Rocknytt” (Sweden Rock Festival 2023) in the press!

Here is a quote from the band about "I Left My License In The Future":
“With this first single from the new line-up, we would like to give the fans a hard hitting no-brainer track aimed at the one in the passenger seat without a driver's license. An anthem for all the lazy city people who choose public transport instead of putting the pedal to the metal. We want you to join us for a beer and celebrate not ever being the designated driver!”

Laufzeit: Fr, 07.02.2025 bis Sa, 05.04.2025

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