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Laughing Spree

English Comedy on a Boat

The entertaining ride across the Spree combines comedy with sighsteeing.

Berlin’s most scenic comedy show will brighten up your evening and make you laugh. Laughing Spree Comedy is a weekly comedy show, hosted by Chris Doering and Dragos Cristian with an extremely friendly atmosphere and some of Berlin’s finest comedians, lots of guest comedians and the occasional first timer.

When? Every Tuesday & Sunday
Where? The Floating Lounge
When again? doors at 8pm with show start at 9pm
Each Comedian has 5-7 minutes to make you laugh.

This is a donation based show. The recommended donation is 8-10€ if you have made a reservation, 10-12€ if you did not make a reservation. See you buoys and gulls aboard. Keep on laughing!

Laufzeit: So, 03.12.2023 bis So, 31.12.2023

Nächster Termin: English Comedy on a BOAT

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