Symbole für Bücher, Bücher mit Beilagen, Spiele, CDs, DVDs, Hörbücher

Table of contents

  • 28 days

    14 days

    • Books
    • Sheet music
    • Games
    • CD-ROMs
    • Tolino
    • Newspapers, magazines
    • CDs, MCs
    • Audio books
    • Videos, DVDs


Please be aware of the delivery date for the media which is written on the receipt that you will get with each borrowed media. If you exceed the loan period, you have to pay a fee.

Reminding by email before the loan period ends

If you give us your email address you will receive reminding by email two days before the end of the loan period; Entry of email address: start page> menu item “My account”> “Manage email / SMS” .

If you don’t want this service any longer, you have to delete your email address; notifications about the provided media will then be sent solely by SMS or via postal letter. Please check the media to be complete and undamaged before you take them home.

Renewals (prolonging)

  • You can extend the loan period twice for all your borrowed media – provided that no one else has reserved them.
  • The extension of the deadline is free of charge if you talk to the library staff personally and also online at
  • Extending the loan period by phone is free of charge, too.
Eingang _Bildungszentrum am AntonplatzBizetstr 41, Medienrückgabeautomat

Returning media after closing time

  • Wolfdietrich-Schnurre-Bibliothek at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at the entrance of the education centre at Antonplatz, Bizetstr. 41, 13088 Berlin

District libraries in Berlin

Please note:
If you don’t return the borrowed media to that library which they belong to, transport costs of € 1.00 per piece have to be paid, which are automatically noted on your library account.

Media quantity

Up to 60 media can be borrowed in a city district.