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District Library Buch, exterior view

Please be aware of the current rules of conduct at this location.

The Buch district library: a place for every woman, every man, for everyone. Come in and find out what it means to feel comfortable. We view ourselves as a meeting place for culture where everyone is welcomed with open arms. Not only our media are very diverse, but also our visitors. We are always eager to expand our stock of foreign language media and our goal is to offer service to as much people as possible. We are an open, tolerant and cosmopolitan place where everyone is welcome.

The German word for book is Buch, which fits well for a library in a town district named Buch. The library does not only supply the district with one book, but instead with lots of them (Pural: Bücher). We always try to offer a wide range of the finest literature: Current bestsellers, thrillers that give you goose bumps or books with undiscovered insider tips: A variety of non-fiction from “A” like “Ah, good to know how I don’t have to spare my beloved chocolate despite my diet”, to “O” like “Oh, Kuhbier (cow beer)” that is not a new trendy craft beer, but an idyllic little place in Brandenburg, which would definitely be worth a weekend trip ”to Z as“ 20 (German: Zwanzig) ways to tell your partner that you feel less loved since you have a new cat”.

However, you should not make a bet that this were the last shots the library could fire. In addition to excellent fiction and specialist literature, there are also various other media in our stock, which will surely improve your everyday life. Are your eyes too tired to read after a long and hard day of work? No problem! Lie down and enjoy a nice and interesting audio book that you can borrow from the library on your way home. Maybe you do not have the power or desire left for listing to a story. Fortunately, you also borrowed one of our movies that you can watch while relaxing on your sofa. This could be a nerve-wracking blockbuster, a pearl of an independent art film, a good old classic or a family movie. The decision is up to you. In addition, since we are already talking about family, how long has it been since you had time for an exciting game night? We cannot give you the time to do this, but at least we can offer a nice selection of games from the good old-fashioned board games to new entertaining console games.

Of course, the library also provides you with other media (e.g. magazines, music CDs, e-book readers, Tonieboxes or even, without boasting, a power consumption meter).

However, that is not all! We do not just offer media to take home. You are also welcome to stay in our premises and make use of our various other offers. Sit down at one of several workspaces and use our open WiFi for free, lean back comfortably in an armchair and read a current daily newspaper, relax on our sofa and read a book as an appetizer or make yourself comfortable in front of one of our PC workstations and dive down into the world of the internet. Or maybe you are in a hurry and just want to print something out or make a copy? No problem here with us.

You are still reading this text? Fine! Do not panic, you almost made it. We just want to tell you a bit more about our other services, because the Buch district library is also very interested in inspiring tomorrow’s readers today. School classes and kindergarten groups regularly visit the library to discover the joy of reading for themselves. In consultation with the teachers and educators, we offer reading promotion for children and children’s events, which (we are cautiously optimistic) usually give the children a lot of fun.

However, we are also eager to create special offers for our grown up audience. Therefore, it happens that we are able to come up almost magically with some evening events. We always try to provide as much diversity as possible and invite you to a wide variety of events: author readings, musical productions and cabaret performances. In addition, we are always interested in creating attractive and new events for our visitors.

Now, dear reader, you made it and followed our words to the bitter end. Since you know us a bit better now, we would be very happy to know you better, too, and hope we meet in the Buch district library sometime in the near future. In any case, we would be very happy and promise that we are a very kind and helpful library staff (this statement is not guaranteed on Mondays – please do not pin us down on it).

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If you have any questions or would like to recommend books that we should buy or if you have other suggestions or hints, please don’t hesitate and send us a short message using our contact form.

Our media stock includes novels, short stories, non-fiction, audio books, games, magazines, music on CD, movies on DVD, language courses and more.