Media for children, teenagers and adults

Fiction for reading and listening

Janusz-Korczak-Bibliothek, Schöne Literatur, 2014
Image: Janusz-Korczak-Bibliothek

Fiction, belles-lettres, includes a range of novels, short stories, fairy tales, sagas, poems, editions and plays and a selected stock of foreign language books.

You can borrow novels from the following genres at the adult area:

  • Crime novels
  • Historical novels
  • Biographical novels
  • Fantasy
  • Love, marriage and family
  • Berlin
  • Science fiction
  • Books with large print

The books for children are arranged according to age groups. They start with beautifully illustrated picture books for the youngest starting with ages three and up.


STB Karow Medien für Kinder
  • General (Allg – Allgemeines)
  • Librarianship, information and documentation (BID)
  • Berlin (B)
  • Biology (Bio)
  • Business Administration (BWL – Betriebswirtschaftslehre)
  • Brandenburg (Br)
  • Electronic data processing, IT (EDV)
  • Earth and ethnology (Erd) travel – city guides
  • History (Gesch – Geschichte)
  • Housekeeping (HW) – nutrition, cookbooks, needlework …
  • Art (Ku – Kunst) art guides, painting, graphics, sculptures, architecture
  • Agriculture, veterinary medicine, forestry, hunting, fishing, horticulture (Lan)
KTB- Sachlit für ERwachsene
  • Literature (Lit)
  • Mathematics (Ma)
  • Medicine (Med) – natural medicine, gymnastics, game, massage, health guides
  • Music (Mus)
  • Natural Sciences (Nat)
  • Sheet music (No)
  • Pedagogy, education (Pä)
  • Philosophy (Phil)
  • Politics, government, administration (Pol)
  • Psychology (Psy) – conflict management, yoga, meditation, memory training …
Arabisch-Sprachführer im Regal
  • Law (R – Recht)
  • Religion (Rel)
  • Social Policy (SoP)
  • Sociology (Soz)
  • Sports, games, doing handicrafts, do it yourself (Sp)
  • Language (Spra) – language textbooks and courses, dictionaries, grammar
  • Technology (Tech)
    Theatre, dancing, circus, movies (Th)
  • Folklore studies (Vo – Volkskunde)
  • Economy (Wi – Wirtschaft)

Non-fiction is organized into subject groups according to the system (SfB).

Magazines - daily newspapers

Fünf aufgeschlagene Zeitschriften
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We offer a diverse range of magazines. Amongst them you will find music magazines and magazines for entertainment, that can be used as a guide or as a source of information about special topics … The magazines for children and teenagers do not only contain interesting facts, but also lots of ideas for handicrafts, puzzles or funny comics.

Title examples:
Emma – Tanz – Zenith – Fremdsprache Deutsch – Theater der Zeit – Der Spiegel – Spiegel – Eulenspiegel – Bilder Wissenschaft – Jiving at home – Philosophie-Magazin – Geo – Art –


Comics in der Bettina-von-Arnim-Bibliothek
  • Comics
  • Mangas
  • Graphic Novels

Music on CD

STB Buch Mediathek
  • Vocal music: singing and choral singing
  • Dramatic music
  • Instrumental music
  • Folk and art music
  • Jazz
  • Rock music, pop music
  • Folk music, songs, chansons
  • Dance music and easy listening, hit songs (schlager music)
  • Music for children

Movies on DVD

Heinrich-Böll-Bibliothek, Mediathek, 2013
  • Motion pictures
  • Documentaries
  • Music on DVD


das chinesische Brettspiel Go
Image: Tatiana Belova –

Conventional games

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Puzzle games
    and more

PC and console games

  • Wii games
  • Nintendo
  • 3DS
  • PS3
  • NintendoDS

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