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Public Parks (Green and Recreation Spaces)

Use: Rules and Services

The numerous public parks in the city's area provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities. The Law on the Protection, Care and Development of Public Green and Recreation Spaces (Public Parks Law; in German) contains details about the use of these facilities. By law, the public parks are only to be used as it arises from their nature and purpose.

Especially popular forms of use include walks, picnicking or sunning, resting and sojourning on resting meadows and benches. Especially for children, green spaces are ideal places for various kinds of exercise. Smoking and alcohol consumption is self-evidently banned in children's playgrounds.

Biking and skateboarding, barbecuing and letting dogs run free are not permitted everywhere, however. These leisure activities, which are often especially intensively practiced, can, as experience has shown, disturb the recreational opportunities of other users, and are therefore allowed only in areas especially designated for those purposes.

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The overviews for barbecue areas and dog runs in public parks are based on information of the borough's Departments of Green Spaces. The borough's departments have been responsible for the designation of areas for special uses and can also revoke such designations in the short-term. All details stated here are subject to change. At any rate, pay attention to the signposts at the locations.

The borough's departments may also set restrictions on certain types of use for other areas in public parks or pronounce commandments or prohibitions on the use – all people are called to adhere to the benefit of the shared joy of urban green to abide by these rules. If you are unsure if a special use is allowed, please inquire at the responsible "Grünflächenamt (Department of Green Spaces)" (in German).

In individual cases, permission may be grated for the use of a facility in a manner that transcends the generally permissible scope (special utilization). This includes e.g. the holding of events. Applications exceptional permits should be submitted to the relevant Department of Green Spaces.
Sign indicating a protected green space (with specifications of restrictions)
Sign indicating a protected green space (with specifications of restrictions)