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Public Parks (Green and Recreation Spaces): Barbecuing


Bring your own barbecue. After use, please do not leave behind the barbecue in the park, take it back with you. Also a trash basket of a green space is not the right place to dispose an used barbecue.
Never light charcoal or a log fire directly on the grass or ground or even dig a pit to grill in! For barbecue areas in public parks applies as well as for the rest of the park: Campfires are prohibited.
You have to provide your own wood and charcoal. Do not collect any branches or twigs from the site: Parks are not there to supply firewood! This applies the more to park benches and other fittings.
Do not use highly inflammable liquids to speed up the fire (spirits, petrol or similar substances)! Avoid the danger of flash fire and burn injuries for yourselves and others.
Never place your barbecue directly under trees. Rising sparks could set light to branches. In addition, hot air and radiation of the embers could damage delicate foliage.
Do not grill anything that does not fit on your grate. The park is the wrong place to grill mutton and sucking pig. Barbecuing whole or only roughly divided animals is therefore forbidden.
Embers, leftovers, paper plates and packaging have to be thrown away – preferably, separated in the bins provided at home. If the containers at most barbecue areas already are overflowing, naturally the waste is – like the rest of the barbecue accessories – to be taken back.

Open rubbish bins are not suitable for rubbish from barbecues. Particularly leftovers entice crows, rats or foxes to clean out the bins – and to spill everything, which you thought you had disposed of in an orderly manner.

Take care to extinguish the embers after barbecuing, e.g. with water that you have brought in a bottle. Make sure that no fire or injury can be caused by still smoldering embers.