Tiergarten von oben; Foto: adogg - Fotolia.com

Foto: adogg - Fotolia.com

Nature and Greenmore

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  • The Hobrechtswald

    The Hobrechtswald

    The Hobrechtswald is the youngest and probably the most unusual forest in Berlin. After more than one hundred years of use as a Rieselfeld, it is today a place of recreation and nature observation for young and old. more

    Großer Tiergarten Berlin

    Großer Tiergarten Berlin

    The "Großer Tiergarten" park is the oldest urban public park in Berlin. The park offers both exceptionally landscaped areas and many opportunities for recreation. more

  • Entlang der Wuhle - Höhe 'Alte Försterei'; Photo: Heiko Pieles

    20 Green Walks® in Berlin

    20 Green Walks in Berlin® offer a diverse range of relaxing walks and hikes, green short-cuts for shoppers or daily routes, fitness trails for joggers or longer excursions to explore the city and its environs. more

    Photo: Heiko Pieles

    Gardens of the world

    Urban Green Space

    Find all information about the green spots of Berlin like public parks, playgrounds for children, allotment gardens, cemeteries, city trees and a lot more ... more

Environmental Protectionmore

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  • The Environmental Zone

    The Environmental Zone

    Only low-emission vehicles are allowed into Berlin's environmental zone in order to reduce air pollution caused by diesel soot (particulate matter) and nitrogen oxides. These vehicles must be identified by a green sticker. more