EU and International


EU and International

European Affairs

European policy determines the areas of action of the Senate Department in a variety of respects. The policies of Berlin are influenced not only by EU law, but also by European strategies, guidelines, general parameters and support programmes. more


Metropolis is a world-wide network of major and multinational cities, founded in 1985, which offers an international exchange and cooperation forum for 139 member cities and large-scale regions. mehr

Barrier-free City

Accessibility is becoming an important criterion for urban quality of life and is considered as locational advantage in national and international competition. The division for EU and International Affairs of the Senate Department initiates and coordinates Berlin-wide and European cooperations and activities in this area. more

Delegation, Seoul


With the support of expert teams and other departments in Berlin's administration, the Division EU and International Affairs looks after specialist delegations from abroad, plans excursions and organises bilateral meetings for political representatives. If you are planning a delegation visit, please get in touch with us. more

EU Projects

URBAN II: Urban II is a European Union (EU) Community Initiative supporting run-down towns and neighbourhoods. Its goal is to economically and socially reinvigorate its particular area in order to ensure continued urban development.
URBACT Study: The final report of this project is available for download.
Transferability of Urban Development Projects: Post-Leipzig Colloquium, Brussels, 11 February 2009


Short film: Berlin accessible for all 2020
The video is also available with audio description. more
Booklet Access City Award 2013
Booklet: Access City Award 2013
Inspiring EU cities to become more accessible