Civil Engineering

Streets and Bridges for Berlin

Tunnel Tiergarten Spreebogen – TTS A 113

Hauptbahnhof Tunnel Tiergarten Spreebogen - TTS Potsdamer Platz A 100 / Tunnel Ortsteil Britz A 113 TVO - Tangentiale Verbindung Ost (German only) Spandauer Damm Brücke (German only) 16. Bauabschnitt A 100 (German only) A 100 Seestraße / Dreieck Charlottenburg (German only) Connection Nordbahnhof-Hauptbahnhof - Invalidenstraße (German only) A 10 in Pankow (German only) AVUS / A 115 (German only) Click to enlarge (130 KB)
Streets and Bridges for Berlin - as a link between East and West, between people, between parts of the city, between Old and New. They not only connect different locations with each other, they also lend structure to the overall city landscape.

Since reunification the primary task of urban planning has been to rejoin East and West. The roads at the junctions in our city are an important component in this link. New roads also put their stamp on the New Berlin.

The Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection is responsible for the following road construction projects:
  • federal highways
  • state roads (open line and main through-roads)
  • new construction or alteration of main roads (1st rank)
  • new road construction or alteration inside the central district
The responsible party for all other road construction projects are the respective Berlin boroughs.

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ARGE SRB/F.Steinhausen/VIC Baubetreuung GmbH/IG Kempa mbH