Mobility in the City - Berlin Traffic in Figures 2017

Berliner Verkehr - Oberbaumbrücke

Berlin Traffic - Oberbaumbrücke

A future-oriented transport policy needs a reliable factual basis. Comprehensive data helps in the development of the transport system, the planning of new infrastructure, the evaluation of mobility services and both the monitoring and evaluation of developments. The following data plays an important role: developments in the structure of the city and key data about participation in modes of transport, but also developments with regard to the modes of transport themselves (demand, infrastructure, services offered) and the consequences for transport planning.

To this end, and to provide comparable data to both politicians and the general public, the most important data has been compiled for some years now in the brochure “Mobility in the City – Berlin traffic in figures”.

  • Brochure "Mobility in the City" 2017

    Berlin Traffic in Figures 2017 edition

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