Walk 20 – Bullengraben Walk (7 km)

Bullengraben Walk

Bullengraben Walk

The Bullengrabenweg is with seven kilometers the shortest way of all green main roads. The trail, which only runs in the Spandau district, begins directly at the Berlin state border near Seeburg and leads along the green corridor of the Bullengraben to the banks of the Havel River south of Spandau’s old town. The Bullengraben was freed from the underground and brought back to daylight only a few years ago.


The fallow land adjacent to the Bullengraben has now been almost completely converted into a landscape park. The new network of paths in the Bullengraben green corridor is now also popular with walkers and cyclists, and the paved (green) main path in particular is also very popular with skaters.

Length: 7 km

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