Walk 14 – Wuhle Valley Walk (16 km)

The Wuhle at the "Alte Försterei" in Köpenick
The Wuhle at the "Alte Försterei" in Köpenick
Image: SenUVK

The Wuhle Valley Walk follows the route of the Wuhle stream from Ahrensfelde to its confluence with the river “Spree”. As late as the 1980s, the Wuhle stream had a reputation as an open wastewater canal. Today, it is a clean, peacefully flowing stream, and even has little fish splashing in the water. With its park-like landscape, the northern Wuhle valley between the large suburban housing estates in Marzahn and Hellersdorf is now one of the most popular green areas in north-east Berlin.

Enlarge photo: Wuhletal (Wuhle valley), butterfly meadows
Wuhletal (Wuhle valley), butterfly meadows
Image: Heiko Pieles

This recreational area attracts walkers, joggers and cyclists, simply out to enjoy this green oasis or use the path down the traffic-free Wuhle valley as a safe route from A to B. Here, the “Gardens of the World” park (admission fee), which is well worth a visit, lies almost invisible behind the 97-meter-high hill “Kienberg”. To the south of the main B1/5 road, the walk leads through spreading estates of detached houses – especially popular with local residents for a Sunday stroll. The Wuhle Valley Walk, which has some sections signed as the “Wuhletal Hiking Trail”, sometimes follows the left or right bank of the stream – and in some cases even runs along both banks!

Length: 16 km