Walk 11 – Wannsee Walk (30 km)

Lake "Wannsee"

Lake "Wannsee"

The Wannsee Walk includes the most popular walking and hiking paths in the south-west of Berlin. Starting from the little lake “Königssee”, this walk connects a chain of eight lakes in the forest “Grunewald” with the banks of the river “Havel” in the forest “Düppeler Forst” and the park landscape of Potsdam to the far south-west of the city. For most the time, the route follows broad sandy paths.

Lake "Schlachtensee"

It also passes some of the classic locations for locals taking a day out, from the Grunewald Hunting Lodge to island “Pfaueninsel”, Nikolskoe and the palaces around the brigde “Glienicker Brücke”. If you are looking for refreshment on the way, you not only find a number of bathing beaches, but also idyllically located beer gardens. And if you walk the entire 30 kilometre route, you will know only too well why Berlin is ranked as one of the world’s greenest cities!

Length: 30 km

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