Walk 1 – The River Spree Walk (63 km)

Reichstag, southern bank of the river "Spree"

Reichstag, southern bank of the river "Spree"

The River Spree/Berlin Glacial Valley Walk covers a total of 59 km, making it by far the longest of these 20 Green Walks in Berlin. It runs from Berlin‘s north-west to the south-east, from the “Falkenhagener Feld” neighbourhood in rural Spandau to Hessenwinkel, near Rahnsdorf. The walk follows the river “Spree” as it winds across the city, and offers an insight into Berlin‘s many diverse facets, from beautiful woodlands on the city outskirts to large industrial areas with adjacent allotment gardens, the medieval town centres of Spandau and Köpenick – and, right in the middle, vibrant downtown Berlin.

Lake "Grosser Müggelsee", view from the east

Thanks to far-sighted landscape planning, the walk even leads through the heart of the government quarter, passing close by the Chancellery and Reichstag Parliament Building. The glacial valley in the walk’s name evokes the route’s geological location. Since the route crosses the (Warsaw-) Berlin glacial valley, there are hardly any hills to climb.

Length: 60 km

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Stroll along the Stadtspree (german)

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