Research stipends in the field of literature in German and non-German language and comics

Target group / Purpose of funding

The stipend programme was established to support the artistic development of professionally working authors and translators in the field of literature and comics in Berlin who have already proven themselves through their publications.
Funding is provided to research activities that, for instance,

  • involve research or preparatory work on a particular topic
  • develop new projects
  • are aimed at tapping new or different working techniques
  • allow for the continuation or completion of particular works
  • support publication etc.

The criteria for the award of a scholarship are primarily the quality of previous artistic work and the professional evaluation of the research project by the juries.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Applicants should provide evidence of several years of professional artistic activity in their field.
  • Applicants must live and work in Berlin.
  • Applicants may not be enrolled in a literary training course or working as a professor at a university.

Funding volume

The research stipends of € 8,000 each are dispensed in two installments from November to December 2021.

Call for applications

The research stipends will be announced once in May 2021.

Application procedure

Please refer to the current version of the programme flyer for detailed information on submitting an application.

  • Programme flyer - Research stipends for German-Language-Literature 2021

    PDF-Document (165.3 kB) - As of: 06. Juli 2021

  • Programme flyer – Research stipends for Non-German-Language-Literature 2021

    PDF-Document (298.3 kB) - As of: 13. Juli 2021

  • Programm flyer – Research stipends Comic 2021

    PDF-Document (298.3 kB) - As of: 13. Juli 2021

Please submit your application – together with all relevant documentation – online.

Submit an application online