Information on daycare centers and day care

On this page, parents and professionals will find current information on questions about opening up and looking after Berlin day-care centers and day-care centers under Corona conditions.

Information for parents

  • How is childcare provided in Berlin's daycare centres and day nurseries?

    Since 8 May, day-care centres and day-care providers have only offered tests on an occasion-related basis. This applies in particular if there have been Corona cases within a day-care centre or if a person has had contact with an infected person. The previously existing general, regular testing obligation and the test-to-stay approach in day care centres and child day care will be dropped for all children, parents and employees regardless of vaccination status.

    Kitas returned to regular operation as early as 1 April 2022. Since then, the regular opening hours have been in effect again in the daycare centres, and all children are entitled to care to the extent of the individual voucher. Early and late services are to be offered within the framework of the regular opening hours offered and the requirement of care in groups that are as stable as possible no longer applies.

    For details, please refer to the current information for parents and the information below on this page.

    (May 9th, 2022)

Further information

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