Corona-Informationen zu Schule und Kita

Bis zum 14. Februar gibt es keinen Präsenzunterricht in Berlins Schulen, für Abschlussklassen gelten besondere Regelungen.
Die Kitas sind bis zum 14. Februar im Notbetrieb. Der Betreuung in Kita und Primarstufe liegt eine Liste systemrelevanter Berufe zugrunde.

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Schools with a Special Educational Focus

Kinder liegend im Kreis
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In a school with a special educational focus, also known as a special needs centre or special needs school in common usage, only children and young people are taught who have special educational needs.

Lessons take place in small classes with usually six to thirteen students. In schools with a special educational focus, children and young people with disabilities are among themselves.

There is usually no opportunity at the school for them to learn together with students without disabilities. The teachers and pedagogical staff at the specials needs schools know through their specialist training and many years of experience how to assess which barriers exist for people with different disabilities and how they can be overcome. The schools are spatially and technically geared towards students with disabilities.

In Berlin there are schools with the following special educational support focuses:
  • Sight
  • Hearing and communication
  • Emotional and social development
  • Physical and motor skills development
  • Language
  • Learning
  • Mental development
  • Long-term illness, home schooling
Private schools with a special educational focus:
  • Physical and motor skills development
  • Mental development
  • Learning
  • Long-term illness, home schooling
  • Other support priorities

In the School directory you can find the school for your child with the corresponding support focus under the term “School type”.