The Red Town Hall

The Red Town Hall is the seat of Berlin’s government and federal state’s premier Franziska Giffey. Due to it’s red clinker brick facade, the building is called “Red Town Hall”. With it’s 94 metres tower it’s a popular landmark.

LEGO-Modell des Roten Rathauses

Visit the Town Hall

We offer guided tours for groups through the Red Town Hall. For more information send an e-mail to the press office.

Exhibitions in the public area of the Red Town can be visited daily from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. even without guided tours.

The Red Town Hall as a LEGO Model

The LEGO Town Hall was built in 200 hours on a scale of 1:60 from 78,750 commercially available LEGO elements. Take a look at the unique model and discover the loving details, located in the Column Hall.

Building the LEGO model in time-lapse video


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150 Jahre Rotes Rathaus

Inside View of History

For the 150th anniversary of the Red Town Hall in 2019, the Senate Chancellery compiled a flipbook on the history of the Town Hall. The content is bilingual, in German and English.

PDF document 150th anniversary

  • Flyer: Red Town Hall

    in English

    PDF-Document (1.9 MB)

Drone Flight over the Red Town Hall


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The Town Hall Clockwork


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