Study visit by specialized doctors from Tashkent’s Institute for Hematology and Transfusion at Virchow Hospital


Ärzte aus Taschkent in Berlin
Photo (from left to right): Dieter Lamlé, Chief of Protocol of the Federal State of Berlin; Frau Dr. Nasokat Aripowa; Dr. Hamidhon Nigmatow; Eberhard Radczuweit, Managing Director of the Association “Kontakte-Kontakty e.V.”; Assistant Medical Director Dr. Arndt von Stackelberg.
Bild: Dr. Olaf Kühl, Senatskanzlei

On 30 January 2014, Chief of Protocol Dieter Lamlé spoke with the doctors from Tashkent about their experience in Berlin when he visited their ward at Virchow Hospital. He stressed the Senate Chancellery’s continued support for exchanges with the hospital in Tashkent.

With the support of the Senate Chancellery, two specialists for children’s hematology and oncology from the Tashkent Institute for Hematology and Transfusion will be observing at the Campus Virchow Klinikum from 2 January to 28 February 2014. Assistant Medical Director Dr. Arndt von Stackelberg will show Ms. Nasokat Aripowa and Mr. Hamidhon Nigmatow how procedures are organized and which medical treatments are used at this pediatric hospital with a special focus on oncology and hematology. In the context of the Berlin-Tashkent city partnership, the Senate Chancellery is also supporting this second study visit by Uzbek doctors.