A city partnership rap to celebrate the Berlin-Beijing anniversary

Feichang Fresh
Bild: © A. Knaifel & J.-W. Wecke

The rap duo “Feichang Fresh” has made a fabulous music video in honor of the Berlin-Beijing city partnership’s anniversary. Their ode to the “two coolest cities on the planet” is a highlight of the Berlin-Beijing anniversary celebration.

Feichang Fresh, China’s first German hip-hop group, stands for a driving beat and clever rap lyrics in Mandarin. The two native Berliners have immortalized their love for Beijing and Berlin in the song “FFBB.”

Berlin, Beijing – 20 Jahre im Rücken
Früher bauten wir Mauern, heute bauen wir Brücken
(Berlin, Beijing – 20 years on
We used to build walls, now we build bridges)

Feichang Fresh Screenshot
Bild: © A. Knaifel & J.-W. Wecke

Stadt der Schwalben, Stadt des Bären
Ich bin ein Beijinger, 我是柏林人
(City of swallows, city of the bear
I’m a Beijinger, 我是柏林人)
You can see the music video here.