Climate partnership between the city partners Berlin and Buenos Aires

Klimapartnerschaft Buenos Aires
Image: K. Reuter

In November 2012, Berlin and Buenos Aires set up a climate partnership as part of the project “50 Municipal Climate Partnerships by 2015.” The climate partnership project is being organized and coordinated by the service agency “Communities in One World” (SKEW)/Engagement Global gGmbH.

Klimapartnerschaft Buenos Aires
Image: D. Beiersdorf

Representatives of both cities took part in an international workshop for new climate partnerships between German and Latin American cities, which was held in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, from 26 to 28 November 2012 at the invitation of the service agency “Communities in One World” (SKEW)/Engagement Global gGmbH. Twenty-six cities from nine different countries were represented there.

On the Berlin side, cooperation is taking place under the aegis of the Berliner Energie¬agentur GmbH (BEA) and the Berlin Senate Chancellery and within the framework of our city partnership. Our Argentinean partners are the directorate-general for international relations and the environmental protection agency of the Ministry of Environment and Public Space of the city of Buenos Aires, “Agencia de Protección Ambiental” (APrA). Other members of the Argentinean working group that was set up in December are the Auditing Office and the city’s Ministry of Modernization.

Following an active exchange of information and supporting documents per e-mail and on the phone, the participants from Berlin and Buenos Aires got together at the beginning of February 2013 for their first telephone conference, where the issue of energy management in public buildings emerged as the focus of future cooperation. You can find out more about the project here and (from Buenos Aires) here.