Exhibition: “Berlin Heroines”


Ausstellung Berliner Heldinnen
Image: NN

The exhibition “Berlin Heroines” by Concha Argüeso will be shown at the Berlin Town Hall in the Hall of Pillars from 6 to 31 October 2012.

This installation is a silent dialogue and an attempt to use art to achieve balance in the presentation of the historical contributions of men and women. Positioning these “Berlin Heroines” in the heart of the collection “Berlin in Plaster 1790-1850” makes it possible to visualize the interaction between human beings and events – which we call time – in an exceptional, symbolic space like the Berlin Town Hall’s Hall of Pillars. The observer is invited to contemplate time along the lines of the Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza’s idea of “The world supplies space; humans supply time.” What has been done in the past lives on in the present, analogous to the way that what happens right now stretches into the future.

The collection “Berlin in Plaster 1790-1850” from the Berlin State Museums is an exhibition of plaster cast busts of prominent figures from Berlin’s political, scientific, and cultural spheres during the first half of the 19th century. The figures whose heads were immortalized as sculptures are almost exclusively men. The Spanish artist Concha Argüeso, who lives in Berlin, contrasts these with busts of women in Berlin who – today and in many different areas – are helping to preserve Berlin’s significance. This new group consists of everyday heroines: courageous women who succeed brilliantly at reconciling professional demands with family or social obligations. Their heads are presented in the form of open books and symbolize intercultural and artistic dialogue.