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Call for contribution

Call for contribution

Fashion is more than just apparel. Fashion is object and idea, process and image. It refers both to changing styles, usually in clothing, and to a wide-ranging $2.5 billion industry that employs one out of six people worldwide.

The fashion principle – the idea of constant and accelerating change – dominates broad areas of life today and of global culture. Strong growth in fashion education has kept pace with fashion’s material and ideational expansion over the last few decades, while the global expansion in education is paralleled by a professionalization that has led to diversified educational options and majors.

Increasingly, however, we can observe quantitative and qualitative discrepancies between education, fields of activity, and the global context. Rapid growth in education contrasts with a drastic decline in the industry in Western Europe and North America, since the fashion industry has been systematically outsourced to the global Southeast since the 1980s.

Technologizing and economizing processes have digitally decentralized the fashion system in recent decades and made it unsustainable. We are confronting complex social, cultural, and environmental questions, many of which also demand answers from fashion and its makers, while practitioners and educators face a “definition vacuum” and a lack of prospects for the future.
The aim of the conference is bring transparency to new strategies and visions for teaching and learning about fashion and to reflect on and develop these.

The connections between Paris and Berlin on the level of fashion education are to be reinforced and mutual learning and an exchange of experience between the two fashion capitals encouraged. A place like Berlin, with its many fashion education institutions and the constant and positive development of its creative sector, could benefit from innovative educational concepts, exploring the potential of fashion education, and developing it progressively as a research field.

You can find more on this subject on the websites of the Universität der Künste and The American University of Paris.

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