Digital Berlin-London Day



London and Berlin have been city partners since 10 October 2000, but the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately prevented us from celebrating our 20th anniversary with events held in person. As a result, on Berlin’s initiative, the mayors of both cities, London & Partners, and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology decided to hold a half-day event online instead that was designed to provide comprehensive information on both the consequences of Brexit and opportunities for continuing our cooperation in the future.

Governing Mayor Michael Müller and Mayor Sadiq Khan reported on the dynamic economic regions and particular strengths of the two cities. Watch the conversation between the CEOs of London & Partners and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, Laura Citron and Dr. Stefan Franzke, who venture a look into the future and reaffirm the partnership between the two business development agencies.

You can find the event at:

As Governing Mayor Michael Müller put it, “London and Berlin have been united by a city partnership for 20 years now. Cooperation and exchange with one another is extremely valuable to both cities and is supported and promoted by civil society and many different stakeholders in the business, cultural, sports, and scientific and academic sectors. We share a common desire to advance the European community of values, peace, and freedom in Europe, and Brexit will not change that. On the contrary – our friendship will grow and we will step up our interaction. Wherever serious problems like the pandemic need to be solved, our metropolises offer incubation space for innovation so that challenges can also give rise to opportunities.”