Smart City Live 2020


Governing Mayor of Berlin and President of Metropolis Michael Müller took part in a moderated discussion with Mayor of Polokwane and Co-President of UCLG Thembisile Nkadimeng on 17 November 2020 in the virtual session “The Global Voice of Cities”.
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In this crisis, sharing knowledge and building communities are crucial for many cities if they are to get a grip on the pandemic in their own countries. Many cities are increasingly institutionalizing their interaction with local stakeholders as a foundation for decision-making that integrates a wider range of interests and leaves no one behind. What role have city networks played as catalysts in this process? Why should local governments work for greater recognition in global and regional government hierarchies? In this session, the participants discussed the role that city networks and cooperation between cities play in the global arena. They also explored how cities can get involved and contribute to dealing with global trends like the pandemic, migration between urban and rural settings, gender inequality, and climate change.