“Eurograph” is a digital project for which artists from the two partner cities Paris and Berlin reflect on and portray the founding values of the European Union. A collection of inventive content produced especially for the project, such as testimonials, videos, podcasts, music, or dance performances, is being put together and organized in a kind of alphabet.

This project is designed to be a vibrant and constantly evolving online “library” consisting of memories, happenings, and initiatives that champion fundamental values like solidarity, tolerance, and taking care of others and of our environment: S for solidarity, T for tolerance, and so on. Each of these concepts is associated with a particular letter.
The final project will take the form of a website on which visitors are invited to enter a word of their choice. Each letter of the word they type will produce an association with the corresponding content, resulting in a random and playful combination of videos on various subjects.
At the same time, this project is a way of supporting artists, since they have been especially hard hit by the crisis and cannot anticipate new commissions any time soon. Fifty-two artists (26 from Paris and 26 from Berlin) have been asked to create a work in the area of choreography, music, journalism, literature, or theater.

The website from which the videos can be retrieved should be accessible to all Web users. Also in the interest of enhancing accessibility, each video is to be subtitled, allowing the website’s content to reach both German-speaking and French-speaking viewers. Particular attention will be paid to parity and diversity. The videos should convey a message of hope with regard to current issues and challenges in Europe: environmental protection and sustainability, cross-generational dialogue, health and sports, the digital transition, civic engagement, democracy and human rights, music, art, culture, migration and diversity, combating antisemitism, racism, hatred, and all forms of discrimination, gender equality, social cohesion, and so on.

The project is being carried out by the Centre Français de Berlin and is receiving financial support from the Deutsch-Französischer Bürgerfonds and the Berlin Senate Chancellery.

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