International art project in the digital age

Grafik aus traditionell indonesischer Wayang Golek-Puppe (Snyder) und Berliner Bär-Grafik (Darbotz)

This artwork with the traditional Indonesian Wayang Golek doll (Snyder) and the Berlin bear (Darbotz) is a symbolic reflection of the city partnership.

Challenged by the coronavirus pandemic, Berlin’s city partnership is responding with creativity. Two famous graffiti artists – Snyder from Berlin and Darbotz from Jakarta – are currently working on a shared motif in a digital exchange.

Because of the pandemic restrictions, the original street art project planned in Berlin could not be carried out, so the artists switched to a digital format. These first impressions documented by Snyder and Darbotz of their work demonstrate how well that works even in the sphere of art.

Already in 2019, for the 25th anniversary of the city partnership between Berlin and Jakarta, Snyder and Darbotz came up with a shared motif that now embellishes the Kendal Tunnel in Jakarta. Looking forward to better times, this new artwork can serve as a model for the planned counterpart in Berlin.