Cooperation during the pandemic – Governing Mayor a guest speaker at the JDCN Forum of partner city Jakarta

On Friday, 18 December 2020, the Governing Mayor was a guest speaker at the two-day forum of the Jakarta Development Collaborative Network (JDCN).

In this global pandemic, a sense of community and cooperation between civil society stakeholders, companies, and the public sector have taken on new significance. In this international panel discussion, the Governing Mayor highlighted best practices in Berlin and stressed the importance of international cooperation in dealing with the pandemic.

Large cities have been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Berlin is engaging in a regular dialogue with its partner cities on this subject. Coronavirus-related cooperation has been especially close with Jakarta and includes both the hackathon that was part of the Smart Change project and the successful shipment of medical supplies from Berlin to Jakarta.

The international panel discussion can be watched on, where it starts at minute 11:05:40.