The U20 cities hold a virtual summit


On 2 October 2020, the Urban 20 (U20) cities met in a videoconference. The cities involved in this initiative met for the first time in 2018 in order to contribute their shared concerns to the G20 process. Berlin has been part of the U20 since the very beginning, and Governing Mayor Müller also supports the initiative in his capacity as the president of the city network Metropolis, a U20 partner.

The U20 is dedicated to ensuring a lasting dialogue between the cities and the G20. Prior to the annual summit, the members agree on a communiqué that calls for action on the part of the G20 in areas in which cities face similar challenges, especially environmental policy, social justice, and sustainable economic growth.

The summit offers an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience and is a platform for advancing the cities’ strategy in the U20 process. Berlin was represented at this year’s summit by the head of the division for international relations, Barbara Berninger, who is a U20 “sherpa.” Riyadh is chairing the 2020 U20 until the end of the year, since Saudi Arabia holds the G20 presidency this year. The original plans called for holding the summit in Riyadh, but a decision was made at short notice to hold a videoconference instead because of the pandemic. The 2020 communiqué was presented to the G20 president electronically at the end of the summit.

Communiqué in english

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