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Berlin assumed the presidency of the Baltic Metropoles Network for 2015 and 2016, and the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, had this to say about the network in an online magazine:

“Berlin will be chairing the Baltic Metropoles Network for the next two years. Together with Helsinki, Stockholm, the capitals of the Baltic States, and Warsaw, among others, we want to give new ideas a future. The goal is clear: more growth, more innovation, and even more interaction within the Baltic Sea region.”
You can read the article the quote was taken from in Harbours Review.

The Baltic Metropoles Network (BaltMet) was set up to market the Baltic region on the European level as a common economic area and to enhance its competitiveness. BaltMet supports cooperation between cities and metropolitan regions, formulates shared interests and concerns when dealing with policymakers on the European level, and initiates joint projects aimed at translating the cities’ innovation strategies into action. As part of a strategy to increase Berlin’s international competitiveness and appeal, institutions from Berlin are engaged in various European cooperative projects under the BaltMet umbrella.

The Senate Chancellery is currently involved in the Baltic Game Industry project.

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