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Special Ticket S-Bahn Berlin
"25 Years Fall of the Wall":

Valid from 7 November midnight to 10 November 3 am within the Berlin fare zones ABC for 15 Euro. The Ticket will be available from October 27 exclusive at the S-Bahn and BVG customer centers and sales points.

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Anniversary Book!

Wall Stories | Memories and Messages to Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall

The stories in this book are exemplary of the Wall’s influence on the city and the daily life of its inhabitants. 16 Berliners and former Berliners tell us how they experienced the fall of the Wall—ranging from an exiled oppositionist to a bank clerk, who paid out welcome money as a trainee, from a couple that lived near Bernauer Strasse in 1961, to a young woman from Kreuzberg who dreams of the wall falling in her Korean mother’s native country. We would like to point out that the books will be sent to you after 9 November.
Postage from 1 € | 168 pages (English/German)
Price: 5,00 € Euro


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