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Terms of Use for the logo “25 Jahre Mauerfall/25 Years Fall of the Wall”

In celebration of the anniversary '25 Years Fall of the Wall' (hereafter referred to as 'anniversary') Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH (hereafter referred to as 'KPB') executes the 'Lichtgrenze' (hereafter referred to as 'event') in Berlin in 2014.

  1. Terms of Use Content
    These Terms of Use regulate who may use the logos '25 Jahre Mauerfall' and/or '25 Years Fall of the Wall' and to what extent they may use it in context with the anniversary. The aim of these Terms of Use is to ensure the maximum impact of the anniversary activities in Berlin by providing a consistent representation of KPB.

  2. Partners
    All event organizers, institutions and organizations who plan and implement their own activities regarding '25 Years Fall of the Wall' are considered partners of the event/the anniversary. KPB provides its partners a framework to communicate their own events. For this purpose KPB provides an event calendar on the home page, where partners may add their own events. In return KPB expects the partners’ use of the logo/the logos while complying with the following conditions. By using the logos each partner explicitly agrees to these Terms of Use. The partner accepts KPB’s sole ownership of all rights, especially the copyrights and trademark rights to the logos.

  3. Use of the logos
    The logos may only be used in the form provided by KPB for online download under or provided upon request per email or data storage device. Modifications, particularly in respect to the design (such as font and content) are not permitted.

    In this form the logos may be used for:

    • promotional or informative print material (flyers, posters, program booklets, etc.) linking them directly to the partner’s events on the subject of '25 Years Fall of the Wall' in Berlin and in connection with the  'Lichtgrenze' on the weekend of November 7th until 9th, 2014 in Berlin,
    • the partner’s PR work, to mark or advertise their own event on the topic of '25 Years Fall of the Wall' in Berlin and hence show the thematic context. 
    • When using the logos for said purposes the partner should, if possible, always refer to KPB’s website or
    • The partners may add their events to the event calendar on the website
    • The partners are obliged to provide KPB with evidence of how the logos are used (e.g. flyer layout, website screenshots) by sending an email to mauerfall2014(at)

    It is not allowed
    • to attach the logos to promotional articles, merchandising products or other goods and/or to promote and/or offer and/or place the marked items on the market. The use of the logos on goods of any kind requires KPB’s explicit written consent,
    • to use the logos to refer to events that don’t pertain to, or only insignificantly, to '25 Years Fall of the Wall' in Berlin. 
    • to use or allow the use of the logos in a manner contradictory to KPB’s interests or contradictory to contra bonos mores; in particular, it is not permitted to use or allow the use of the logos in context with defective and/or otherwise inferior products and/or services,
    • to use or allow the use of the logos in a way that would be in breach with competition law and/or other statutory provisions,
    • to use or allow the use of the logos in connection with morally apprehensive contents, products and/or services, in particular contents, products and/or services that are politically extreme and/or glorify violence, and/or erotic and/or pornographic,
    • to use or allow the use of the logos for other types of content, products and/or services that are in breach with legal regulations and/or contra bonos mores and/or the rights of third parties,
    • to use or allow the use of the logos in a way that would be contradictory to the purpose of KPB.
    • KPB has registered the logos as trademarks. KPB is not liable for the acquis of the trademarks. The above obligations also apply if the registration of the logos as trademarks does not occur or only occurs after December 31, 2014.
    • In the case of a breach of the above terms of use the partners are obliged to pay KPB a contractual penalty of 2.500,00 € for each violation. The contractual penalty shall be applied to eventual damage claims.

  4. KPB’s Rights/Disclaimer of Liability
    • KPB expressly reserves the right to verify the compliance of the Terms of Use and to deny or revoke the granting of the right of use.
    • KPB has no obligations to activate events that have been added to the event calendar.

  5. Duration and Termination of the Right of Use
    Consent to use of logos is granted by clicking and/or receiving the Terms of Use. It ends on December 31, 2014.
    Once the contract period has expired the partner may use products and/or materials that have been marked with the Logos under compliance of the contractual use, for the purpose of archiving and reporting only, unless this is in opposition to KPB legitimate interests.

Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH
Project: 25 Jahre Mauerfall
Klosterstraße 68
10179 Berlin
Geschäftsführer: Moritz van Dülmen
Stellv. Vorsitzende des Aufsichtsrates: Dr. Christa Juretzka
Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg, HBR 41312 B