Upheavals, crises, revolutions: What role do women in Belarus, Armenia and Georgia play in these turbulent times?

Discussion and Networking event

In the Armenian-Azerbaijani border region of Nagorno-Karabakh, conflict has been simmering ever since the war in 2020. There are repeated skirmishes.
Georgia is deeply divided, the country is in a protracted political crisis. Most recently, the population's discontent has been expressed in furious protests.

In Belarus, a revolutionary mood has prevailed since the fraudulent presidential elections of 2020. The protests continue to be violently suppressed by head of state Lukashenko, who also does not shy away from power demonstrations abroad.

What role do women play in these difficult times in the Eastern Partnership countries? What are they doing to take control of their country's destiny? Are they making their voices heard in politics and society? Are they seen as equals by their male counterparts? Or do they find themselves in the second row?

We would like to discuss these questions with experts and together with the audience from various perspectives.

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to talk to young women from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Germany who have dealt with different topics of female empowerment and on this basis have implemented their own digital projects.

The event is part of the project Likes for the better! Digital female empowerment and is open to all interested parties.

The event language is English.

Participation is free of charge. Registration is required.

Kategorien: Kultur , andere Politikbereiche

Bezirk: Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf


Europäische Akademie Berlin
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  • 19.11.2021 um 18:30 - 21:00 Uhr


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